Hey! There was a bots in every Mirror's Edge map! Now I will show You, how to add enemies.

First, make a simple map. Add 'Trigger' or 'PathNode' (Right Click -> Add Actor -> ...) wherever You want.

Second. Open the Kismet (green 'K' letter at top of screen), click Right Mouse Button and go to 'New Action -> AI -> TakeDown Bot Factory. There will appear a window on Your Kismet screen. Highlight it.

Third. If You want to choose a bot to spawn, find a little triangle and click (for example) Pursuit Cop.

Fourth. The bot is controlled by AI system, so find little blue triangle and set 'TdActorFactoryAI'. There will appear a message says 'This will destroy (...)'. Click 'Yes'.

Fifth. Now lets get it to use in editor and in game. Add in Kismet 'New Event -> Level Beggining' and connect 'Out' to 'Spawn Actor' (just drag it). Now we have to add spawn point (where the bot will appear). Click on the 'PathNode' or 'Trigger' in viewport. Back to Kismet, click RMB and choose 'New object var using ...). When it's added, drag 'Spawn Point' to 'PathNode' or 'Trigger'.

Sixth. Almost done! Now add starting point (Add Actor ->PlayerStart) , some light (Add Actor -> Light [point]). Get to top of screen click 'Build' tab and 'Build All'.

Seventh. After everything's done we can test the map. Click 'Build' and 'Play level'.

Eighth: Enjoy!

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