This tutorial is obsolete. Refer to the 'Adding Bots' tutorial instead.

There is already a page about bots on this wiki, but I have been trying to follow it and have found that it is either out of date or I don't understand something, because when I add bots in a way I found on my own, I find that they don't move other than to fight me, and especially the Pursuit Cops don't chase me.


My method:

1: In Kismet, right click, New Action>AI>TakeDown Bot Factory

2: New Variable>AI>TakeDown AI Template, select the Pursuit Cop

3: Set the spawnpoint to a pathnode or trigger in the level by adding a 'New Object Var Using...'

4: Add Event>Level Beginning, Connect it to Spawn Actor

5: Get frustrated because it is done weirdly in the official maps so I can't check there like I did for the zipline and get more frustrated because there is no good documentation for AI in Mirror's Edge.


I've decided to try to help a bit.

6: Add some PathNodes around your level wherever you want your AI to be able to go. You might want to have them freely move or have a certain path. The bots will pick the easiest path and go that way.

7: Get more frustrated because when I look into Pirandello Kruger there are some nodes I have no idea how to recreate or use, and because the AI doesn't figure out a path half of the time.