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This tutprial is about how to Make the Beast lighting effect, which is the light effect used in Mirror's Edge.

First make a room, for this tutorial make the room like so:




Make Sure before you do this make it a subtractive map.

Tut. pic. 001

After you subtracted your room add a Light (Point) inside the room it should look like this.

Tut. pic. 002

Now to add the wallpaper. click the generic button, here and open the following.

Tut. pic. 03

Apply this material by selecting the wall of the room then selecting the material in the generic browser.

Add a white floor and white ceiling.

Tut. pic. 04

This is What the room should look like.

Tut. pic. 05

Now add another point light but make it tha same colour as the room you made, in this tut. ex. Dark blue. the easiest way to get the exact colour is to do this.

Tut. pic. 06

And that's about it. Here is the finished room :D.

Tut. pic. 07